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When a website is struggling to attract visits, is it SOS or is it a simple case of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which is an important part of an online marketing strategy, some of the strategies can be complex and requires an SEO specialist, however the best core practices are fairly straightforward. A simple explanation of what SEO is can depend on your marketing strategy, but if you are selling a widget you will want to use the keywords that your potential visitors would use in a search engine. In order to reach these visitors the website needs to be optimised by making it relevant so that the website is ranked high in what could be a competitive sector. As you can see for customers to find you SEO techniques are important, but the visitors you want to be driven to your site need to be targeted, there is no point in driving lots of traffic to your website if they or you are not going to benefit from the visits.

To help attract these visitors you will need to create useful and preferably unique content, which helps with SEO. You probably know what your potential visitors would search for when they are looking for what you may have to offer them, because you have probably keyed in the words when searching for something similar. The content should be focused one topic rather than mixing different ideas together. Headings and sub headings break the content down and into readable pieces. The website should also be regularly updated and be organised, this makes it easy for visitors and search engines to find relevant content. Your site should be planned with a simple sitemap, if it is appropriate include a sitemap online so that every page is easy to find, and give each page a title that accurately defines what it is about with a brief description to summarise the content. Permalinks are the page’s url and a descriptive one is better, such as www.islandearthcreative.com/latest rather than www.islandearthcreative.com/?p=123 this is important because the url appears in search results and the better the description will mean better results.

Non-content such as images should have alternative text, which is important for partially sighted people and search engines and links should have good descriptions such as ‘Island Earth Creative provides creative design for both print and web’ and not ‘Island Earth Creative provides design’. Linking to other sites should be treated with caution as they may be using dubious SEO tactics that could rebound on you and damage your reputation.

With these basics in place another way to promote your site is by blogging using social media and relevant online communities, and do not forget to use your web address on all marketing materials, and place it in relevant online directories. Ultimately to move from SOS use best practice SEO techniques including writing fresh relevant content and organise the website in a clear and concise fashion, promote the website and attract visitors and incoming links and you should see an improvement.

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