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Heinz and Pantone’s perfect coloured beanz

Since the early 1940s, Heinz Beanz has been a staple diet of the British public and has become an iconic brand. As with any well known brand protecting its unique identity is critical, and brand colour is integral to achieve that objective. In a recent survey by the Pantone Color Institute®* results have shown how important color is to the consumers decision making. The study showed that colour and packaging aren’t just important; they affect perceptions about product quality.

Heinz has continually innovated in its product packaging to accommodate changing consumer lifestyles. The most recently example is a resealable Fridge Pack for Heinz Beanz that uses a gravure shrink pack, as well as single-portion pack Snap Pots that use a litho carton. Maintaining the colour across these substrates is critical. The trademark Heinz Beanz turquoise did print turquoise sometimes and on other materials it printed bluish green or even greenish yellow. Reproduction of Heinz turquoise across these different materials and processes was inconsistent – a huge issue for any brand owner today and can have significant cost implications.

Heinz selected PantoneLIVE™ to help provide the consistency and control they needed. PantoneLIVE is a dynamic ecosystem that leverages Sun Chemical SmartColour technology and color data foundation, allowing brand owners to manage and maintain their color assets via a cloud-based repository. The PantoneLIVE portal lets brand owners store and share key color assets so they can manage and communicate colours accurately – to any supplier around the world.

“The benefits of using PantoneLIVE are clear,” says Nigel Dickie, director of corporate and government affairs for Heinz. “The digital tools gave us unprecedented control and consistency from different print processes and materials. Across all of our packaging formats we saw a reduction in color variance of 50 percent and saved time by establishing one color target that can be applied to all our Heinz Beanz designs. The results with our Beanz packaging have been so remarkable – that we plan to extend PantoneLIVE to additional product lines, including Heinz soups and Spaghetti Hoops.”

PantoneLIVE provided Heinz the color control they were seeking. Heinz was able to maintain its color palette for Heinz Beanz and determine an optimal, true brand color for accurate printability and print accuracy across a variety of substrates, leading to consistency from design to pre-press to print. Download the full article here.

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