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Exhibition season

Exhibitions can be challenging when clients have a lot to convey to their potential customers. Sometimes the exhibitions can be too cluttered with image overload the best always have a focal point with one or two essential messages supplemented with support materials such as brochures, flyers and video. Taking this approach gives our clients a more targeted approach, as they can reach their customers with specific messages about their products and services.

Dynoadd’s main messages were to promote their new additive products to existing and potentially new customers, the main panels used their strong corporate branding with four images that related to the messages above. The stand was also supported with additional printed material.

Whites Concrete had a similar approach, however the difference here was that they used a background image of one of their installations with strong branding and generic copy. The targeted images were displayed using video and additional printed material.

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  1. Simon says:

    Nice exhibitions. I agree they do need to be targeted for impact. I think simple branding works just as well..

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