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Can you do it cheaper?

One of the questions I often get asked is “how much?” and “can you do it cheaper?”. This is understandable especially in the current economic climate, so how cheap is cheap and what do you get for cheap?

My old mentor always used to say “you get what you pay for” and “knowledge is power”. I tend to agree with these statements and they can help you to understand why clients ask you to do the work, because they know you have the knowledge and the skill at a level where they have an expectation of what the fee will be, but it still doesn’t stop them asking for a Rolls Royce when they only want to pay for a Skoda.

Thankfully I have clients that appreciate the standard of work and the time and effort that goes in to producing high quality design and artwork, that fits within their budgets. As we all know it’s not easy running your own business, or working for demanding companies and organisations, and we have a responsibility to be careful with the budgets we have to work with, and to get the most for our money.

Which brings me back to “can you do it cheaper?” and I would say yes if you want the Skoda rather than the Rolls Royce, but as you have guessed, it’s “ahh well mmm no I want the Rolls Royce but at the Skoda price”, which then becomes a judgement call, do you want to work with them and will the relationship develop long-term?

If you are always on the back foot undercutting your prices you’ll not be in business for long, on the other hand they maybe the client you’ve always been looking for, and all you need to do is to prove yourself.

So maybe you can do it cheaper?

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